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Digitalizing multimodal transport: T3M shares its experience

T3M is the leading operator of rail-road combined transport in France. For the company, railway transportation can only convince clients if it offers a quality of service at least equal to that of road. To achieve this ambition, T3M became an authorized applicant in 2008: the company can thus manage its own rail freight paths. To go even further, T3M heads towards innovation, and more particularly towards tracking at the beginning of 2018. The operator chooses VTG Connect's sensors to collect railcars data, but partners with Everysens to go beyond tracking and fully exploit this data so as to optimize its logistics.

Choose an interoperable and flexible solution

The platform is rolled out swiftly, fits easily into T3M’s information system, and can readily open up to tracking of other equipments (swap bodies, semi-trailers, etc.).

Ensure a high level of quality of service

Logistics coordinators oversee the train traffic in real time in the blink of an eye on the platform: they can take action based on facts and let their clients know in the eventuality of an incident.

Analyse the performance of the railcars’ fleet 

The fleet manager get performance analytics that are daily and automatically updated (immobilisation rate, utilization rate, etc.). This allows him to establish best practices.

Big Data: an instrument for quality of railway services

In 2016, Danone Waters and the operational management platform IDEO, an ID Logistics subsidiary company, implemented an ambitious project of private rail hub. The goal was to increase the competitivity of rail transportation to achieve a greater long-term commitment to cut CO2 emissions. To improve reliability, the whole Danone Waters’ wagons fleet was then equipped with sensors and the OPERAIL solution. Thanks to the information thereby generated, rail coordinators enhance their reactivity and maximize the railcars’ utilization.

Managers from IDEO, an ID Logistics subsidiary company, and Danone Waters, explain how Everysens allows them to build a more reliable supply chain.

Implement on a European fleet

With Everysens, IDEO follows in real time Danone Waters’ deliveries throughout all Europe.

Inform to react better and quicker

The operational staff is informed of the delays and incidents on their different convoys at all times. With this up-to-date and objective information, they minimize the hazards’ consequences.

Optimize the railcars’ utilization

The overall equipment utilization rate enables IDEO to analyze the life of the railcars fleet, to identify areas for improvement and therefore maximize the railcars’ usage.

Farewell dormant dumpsters

Engaged in a process of logistical optimisation, Covanord, a recycler from the North of France, has connected its dumpsters fleet with the BOOSTER solution. Everysens and Covanord identified together three major stakes: pool resources, ensure fleet’s security and put an end to unused dumpsters.
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Covanord wins first prize of the GPBL (Great Prize for Business Leaders) contest 2017 for the innovation they implemented with Everysens.

Increase the dumpsters’ profitability

A profitable dumpster is one that rotates. The BOOSTER solution enables Covanord to optimize its sites’ management.

Guarantee a high-quality service

Inventory and availability information is transmitted in real time, so that the sales team can answer the customers’ demands in a reliable way.

Ensure waste traceability

As an innovation leader in the recycling world, Covanord meets the communities’ demands concerning waste traceability.

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