5 time-consuming tasks of the flow coordinator (and how to facilitate them)


Another beautiful day on the logistic platform of Bettembourg. You park your vehicle and join the building smiling. The weather is good, and you are in a good mood. You sit at your desk with your morning coffee. Your computer starts, programms are launching. Outlook is opening. Emails are arriving in tens. Your dream is over. The day begins. As a flow coordinator or flow pilot, your working day is intense. Some of your tasks require a big part of your time daily, whereas they don’t participate directly to a proper flow of goods.

But this was before…

Many companies adopt digital solutions of logistic visibility in real time. It allows a logistic automation of some of those time-consuming tasks. How ? Proof in 5 points.


The inventory

“Max, I need an inventory this morning, we have a rush order, I need to know our available capacities ASAP”

The inventory is often made in the field,  for lack of other methods. You need to count the equipments in order to update the availability state file. This can be as difficult as a sport training : to have an overview on the trains arrival, there is sometimes no other way than to go out in the snow in winter, to go all around the platform, or maybe event to climb up some silos.

Now, no more problems about that: it is solved in one click only! The inventory is updated in real time, and you can filter it by zone of interest. 


Intra-group pooling

« Hello everyone, does one of you have the trailer 1844 on site ? »

In a big group organization , equipments travel often amongst regional agencies, and we sometimes lose our own trailers, easels and containers.

To find them, lots of emails are sent, with no guarantee that they solve the problem: is anybody going to answer ?

With logistics tracking softwares, the fleet managers no longer have to deal with these issues. Indeed, real-time visibility allows to know your equipments position at any time.


The odometry

In most companies, mileage reading is essentially made the same way than the electricity meter is read: one person in each train station is in charge of  collecting informations manually directly from the odometer.

With tracking solutions, this information collect is now automated.


The flow management

Each day, you have to  call in and send emails to know the departures and arrivals, to check the railcar or trailer maintenance status, or simply to remain regularly informed of the equipments flows. It takes time, especially when you don’t know for sure who the qualified person for each issue is.

Thanks to IoT solutions for logistics optimization, you can now follow the flows and the traffic incidents, such as the delays, in real time.


The reporting

As a logistics coordinator, the reporting execution can be a part of your missons. You need to naviguate between mails and Excel folders: collecting datas is handcrafted. Save time : reliable performance statistics on your company’s activities can now be calculated and exported automatically.

Instead of spending time finding the information, Everysens allows you to spend it finding solutions: why did this happen and how to solve this? When automating time-consuming tasks, the aim is to permit logisticians to focus on their main activity: flow management, quality of service and operational excellence.


It is up to you : do you want to simplify your daily work and gain

operational performance ?

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