Use case : Eqiom


Optimize its multimodal platform thanks to logistics visibility


As a major player in building materials. The challenge of optimizing the supply chain is high for Eqiom, because logistics represents a significant part of the final cost of selling the product.

Punctuality and customer service, and control of the transport plan are the main challenges that Eqiom has met with the Everysens logistics visibility solution.

Trains per year


Railcars fleet size


Trains per week


Jérôme Bécame

Supply Chain Manager at Eqiom

“It is a customized platform designed for a shipper’s vision: these are real strengths”


Optimisation of operations

Operational productivity

Strategic choice

Everysens solution

Combining AI and IoT data within our 4 independent modules of functionalities, we then provide shippers with the missing insights to improve overall performance and cost efficiency of their supply chain.

  • Fleet management
  • Flow management
  • Performance
  • Prediction

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