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Everysens, specialized in the digitalisation of transport, is once again revolutionizes rail freight by tackling a fundamental process : the consignment note. In a context favouring modal shift, Everysens makes the rail use attractive, by facilitating exchanges with railway companies.


The consignment note is a contractual document that formalizes the transport order between a shipper and its railway companies, following the example of CMR, published in road transport. This mandatory document before any goods departure is nowadays time-consuming: handwritten document or excel sheet, it is a waste of time and unproductivity for operators who have to manage different railway companies every day.

The “Waybill” functionality naturally complements the transport traceability already provided by the solution : Everysens now manages all transport processes, from triggering, to real-time monitoring, to performance analysis.


Transport processes digitized by Everysens


The centralization of information on the Everysens platform is therefore even more advanced here: the consignment note will thus be created and shared with all the transport stakeholders concerned, regardless of the railway company. All principals will thus be able to track the status of the consignment note automatically from their dashboard, then know the ETA of their deliveries on the Everysens platform.

This tool, made available to shippers and freight forwarders, is part of a process to improve the reliability of data quality for railway companies. It thus benefits all those involved in rail freight transport, thanks to improved operational and administrative efficiency.


First implementation in progress with Ciments Calcia

This innovation convinced the industrial company Ciments Calcia, which chose the Everysens Solution to ensure the transport management of its rail traffic. With more than 5.0 million tonnes of cement sold, 10 production sites and 1350 employees, Ciments Calcia occupies a major place in the French cement industry. As part of the group’s policy of continuous innovation, Ciments Calcia continues to digitise its transport processes, with the aim of proactively managing the fleet, obtaining reliable ETAs and increasing the overall productivity of its rail business.

The problem to be solved

Before the deployment of the Everysens solution, Ciments Calcia’s transport process management was complex: dealing with several railway companies, their tool only allowed them to communicate with some of their carriers. In addition, they needed several tools to perform only one procedure at a time: in other words, performing simple operations was inefficient and time-consuming.


The challenges to be met

The improvement of its processes, but also the in-depth control of its transport plan are the challenges for which the manufacturer called on Everysens: with direct access to reliable and relevant indicators, Ciments Calcia can thus manage its logistics investments according to its real needs. The creation of the consignment note directly on the Everysens platform will enable the cement manufacturer to eliminate time-consuming tasks and thus benefit from considerable productivity gains. Ciments Calcia relies heavily on its collaboration with Everysens, which provides it with the only solution on the market that is truly adapted to its needs.


THE right solution

One of the keys to the success of this project is the interoperability of the solution. Indeed, the Everysens platform synchronizes and exploits a diversity of data sources – from Ciments Calcia’s internal systems to third-party IoT sensors, notably those of Linéas, VTG, and Ermewa – and also interfaces with railway companies (Fret SNCF and Linéas), in order to communicate digitised consignment notes.


Quote Ciments Calcia :

“We chose Everysens because it was the most complete solution we identified on the market. We can trigger our transports, manage our entire fleet and analyse our transport performance on a single platform. Thanks to this centralization of information, we are committed to operational excellence in our management processes.” Nicolas Plouviez, Rail Logistics Manager.



We are proud to launch this new product “Consignment Note”. Everysens is now THE most complete solution for rail freight, managing the entire transport process from its initiation, execution and analysis. This innovation confirms our leadership position in this market.” Dr. Youness Lemrabet, CEO Everysens.

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