Use case : Saint Gobain


Optimize the flow management to ensure quality of service


For the past 2 years, Saint Gobain has been implementing a supply chain transformation strategy, focusing on two main areas: customer-centricity and innovation. In this context, transport plays a major role.

Logistics innovation is therefore a priority for Saint Gobain: the challenge is to manage the transport operations of easels to guarantee on-time delivery while reducing associated costs.

Numbers of easels in Europe


Easel’s cost: more than


1 chevalet transporte


tonnes de verre par trajet

Alexandre Bousquet

Logistic Manager

“Everysens now allows me to have a business view of my data instantly, and to detect usage trends”


Reliability of information

Optimization of the operational productivity

Investment based on business needs

Everysens solution

Combining AI and IoT data within our 4 independent modules of functionalities, we then provide shippers with the missing insights to improve overall performance and cost efficiency of their supply chain.

  • Fleet management
  • flow management
  • Performance
  • Prediction

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