From Start-up to Scale-up : Everysens becomes the European leader in supply chain visibility


Supply chain industry has considerably evolved lately : in this context, the Supply Chain Media has announced the second European competition for supply chain start-ups, and reveals the matrix of the most important start-ups in the European logistics industry landscape.

This year, the matrix gathers 10 different categories of supply chain solutions, with their maturity levels. From upstream suppliers management to last mile delivery, we can find fledgling companies offering solutions for different domains of the supply chain for 3D-printed spare parts, warehouse space on-demand, inventory management…and logistics visibility.

For the second consecutive time, Everysens remains the only French company amongst the supply chain visibility Europeans leaders. After full year of developments in 2018, Everysens’ multimodal visibility solution gained maturity, and rises to the top position of the matrix, for the first quarter of 2019.

“Modern technologies open up new supply chain opportunities for industrials. When I founded Everysens, I wanted this company to become an innovation pioneer in this hidden sector that shapes our economy. The challenge was met: within 3 years, we pushed back the limits of visibility. The time is past when industrial logistics were a black box: they are made each day more transparent, with our collaborative platform.” explains Dr. Youness Lemrabet, Founder and CEO of Everysens.

With a real success last year, Supply Chain Media will be organizing once again the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest event on the 22th May 2019, during the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event, in Netherlands. Everysens will be present at this international logistic event.

You want to make your logistics more transparent and reactive ?

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