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Tracking mobile assets remains a pain point for logistics and supply chain professionals in many companies. Wagons, containers, semi-trailers and other handling equipment play a key role in global logistics chains.

An international tracking tool is therefore necessary.

Traditional tracking solutions operating internationally require satellite or cellular sensors. The problem: these options are both expensive and energy-intensive.

These two thorny tracking issues – the autonomy of the sensor and its cost – have been solved with IoT technology, and LP-WAN networks such as Sigfox and LoRa. The advent of these low-frequency wide area networks paved the way for a new generation of IoT sensors, including our Everytrack sensor.

To solve a logistics problem, the customer faces nowadays a myriad of solutions, each using a different technology. Choosing is difficult, because choosing means eliminating. Each solution has its pros and cons, but more often than not, these cons hinder the entire use case’s resolution.

It is in this context that the release of our new Omnitrack sensor is taking place.

Supply chain knows no borders: it is global. Based on this observation, Everysens has developed its solution to offer you end-to-end visibility, whatever the mode of transport and whatever the scope of the industrial flow. Omnitrack joins our sensor catalogue, alongside Everytrack and the 8 third-party sensors already integrated into the Everysens solution.

If you are a manufacturer or freight forwarder operating trailer, wagon or container flows in Europe and North Africa for example, the Omnitrack sensor will allow you to track and optimize your international transport plans on a single platform.

A world first: a multi-technology IoT sensor

The first breakthrough innovation of this new sensor is its multi-technology operation. Omnitrack combines the Sigfox network, GPRS, LTE-M and NB-IoT networks. This hybrid sensor is equipped with an intelligence that allows it to automatically choose the most economical technology from those available at its current location.

The consequence: global visibility on all your flows

The combination of these technologies thus removes the geographical constraint, while allowing for lower consumption. Omnitrack ensures the traceability of your assets for 6 to 10 years, without additional maintenance.

And that’s not all: the sensor is designed to be scalable. It has the ability to update remotely, even once installed (to learn more about Firmware Over the Air update technology, click here). This allows you to benefit from the new features of the sensor, throughout the whole contract period.

Combined with our logistics visibility software solution, the tracking of your assets will no longer know any boundaries.

You want to make your logistics more transparent and reactive

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