Use case : ID Logistics


An industrial IoT innovation to increase visibility


IDEO, a subsidiary of the ID Logistics group, is specialized in the management of rail and road transport in Europe. IDEO manages rail deliveries for its customer Danone Waters.

With only fragmentary information on the route of trains, IDEO was faced with a lack of visibility on the route of the wagons. In this context, IDEO called on Everysens to trace its convoys in real time.

Pallets per year

5 %

Number of road hauliers in Europe


Number of transport orders


Emmanuel Guérin


“Thanks to the information provided by Everysens, we can identify the links in the supply chain where non-value is present on a recurring basis. We can then launch specific corrective actions, which will allow us to do better, with less”


Mastery of train management throughout Europe

Proactive operations steering

Optimization of the wagon fleet

Solution Everysens

Combining AI and IoT data within our 4 independent modules of functionalities, we then provide shippers with the missing insights to improve overall performance and cost efficiency of their supply chain.

  • Fleet management
  • Flow management
  • Performance
  • Prediction

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