IoT and interoperability:
a concrete example


More and more logistics fleets are equipped each month with geolocation IoT sensors. But is the recovered data sufficiently exploited? That’s where interoperability comes into play.

For the combined transport operator T3M, the answer is no. Its fleet of wagons is already equipped with IoT sensors by VTG (wagon rental company), but the data alone doesn’t allow them to acquire complete logistical visibility. This is why T3M chose the Everysens platform.

Gwendal Gicquel, Managing Director of T3M, explains his approach:

“Following a market study of existing traceability solutions, we chose VTG Connect. However, this traceability platform is a basic tool for tracking wagons. We wanted to go further and exploit this data, in the interest of T3M and our customers. That’s why we called on Everysens.”

Youness Lemrabet, CEO of Everysens, further explains the idea at the core of this collaboration:

“We offer interoperability. If some companies already have sensors, we can gather their data in our solution, following telematic standards.. Interoperability is at the heart of the recent collaboration between Everysens and T3M. The transport operator had chosen to use the VTG Connect solution on the sensor side, but wanted to go further with the data collected. That is where we intervene.”

You want to make your logistics more transparent and reactive?

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