Use cases

Use cases

Logistics Traceability: Why Choose Us?

Supply chain expertise

Don’t choose between ROI and innovation: we built a comprehensive set of proven use cases for your logistics operations. Start getting results from day one.

Swift and easy deployment

Get access to your very own supply chain tracking platform within 2 weeks. Our plug-and-play solutions and agile company culture empowers you to accelerate your industrial projects.

Top-notch quality of service

To get you in gear with your supply chain digitization ambitions, our software platform doubles up with a committed project steering team. We don’t stop there: as your use cases evolve, so does our platform.


Balance Industrial Flows


Before it become windows, shower doors, verandas or windscreens, glass is treated and cut to dimensions from huge glass panels. Manufactured by Saint Gobain Glass and distributed to various customers to be transformed, these glass panels travel between the factories on easels. To optimize this supply chain, Saint Gobain called on Everysens’ logistics visibility platform.



Boost logistics performance


As a European shipper, visibility on international flows is essential. Everysens’ Operail Solution gives us not only that but also the ability to work on our fleet’s availability which leads to both operational and strategic significant gains.


Optimize a dumpster’s fleet


A profitable dumpster is one that is constantly rotating. Everysens and Covanord have identified 3 main challenges to solve : mutualization of resources, the fleet safety, and the necessity to increase rotations to produce ROI.

Deepen operational and strategic visibility

ID Logistics

Implement on a European fleet
With Everysens, IDEO follows in real time Danone Waters’ deliveries throughout all Europe.

Inform to react better and quicker
The operational staff is informed of the delays and incidents on their different convoys at all times. With this up-to-date and objective information, they minimize the hazards’ consequences.


Optimize the railcars’ utilization
The overall equipment utilization rate enables IDEO to analyze the life of the railcars fleet, to identify areas for improvement and therefore maximize the railcars’ usage.

Offer similar level of quality as in road transport


Choose an interoperable and flexible solution
The platform is rolled out swiftly, fits easily into T3M’s information system, and can readily open up to tracking of other equipments (swap bodies, semi-trailers, etc.).


Ensure a high level of quality of service
Logistics coordinators oversee the train traffic in real time in the blink of an eye on the platform: they can take action based on facts and let their clients know in the eventuality of an incident.


Analyse the performance of the railcars’ fleet 
The fleet manager get performance analytics that are daily and automatically updated (immobilisation rate, utilization rate, etc.). This allows him to establish best practices.

You want to make your logistics more transparent and reactive?