Trailer real time tracking

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Everysens offers THE solution to manage your trailer fleet and improve your transport performance in real time.

By installing an autonomous sensor on your equipment, Everysens allows you to know the inventory and availability of the fleet, as well as monitor the progress of the transport, without any interruption of information.

Finally, the OMNILENS statistics tool will allow you to study in a granular way your usage rates, rotations and punctuality.

GEFCO trusts Everysens to optimise its fleet

An efficient solution for tracking your trailers


The Omnitrack Sensor

Omnitrack is an autonomous and industrial sensor dedicated to logistics traceability.

  • 6 years of autonomy
  • World coverage
  • 10 minutes of installation

The installation of the Everysens sensor is as fast as it is flexible. We adapt to your constraints and operations to facilitate the deployment of your fleet.

A packaged software offer to optimize your operational performance


Real-time fleet status

  • Overview and instant view of the fleet availability from the map and dashboard
  • Inventory by business zone
  • Investigation of the history
  • Real-time utilization rate
  • Real-time availability rate

Configurable business alerts

  • Immobilization too long
  • Abnormal use
  • Outside the area of operation
  • Passage to the mines
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Statistical Analysis

  • Utilization rate
  • Unavailability rate
  • Number & Duration of rotations
  • Average parking time per zone and per customer
  • Time spent in maintenance
  • Number of retentions per agency or per client

Why choose Everysens solution?

Real-time, end-to-end visibility into your operational activity

API catalogue available to send the data directly to your TMS

Track your transports from the semi-trailer

Reduction of the number of manual entries to facilitate your daily tasks

Optimal sizing of the fleet size

Increase in the number of rotations

Management of mine passages