Why your wagons can jeopardise your promise to deliver ?


Wagons don’t have standard full gps equipment  on board – like trucks or full trains have via the on-board computers, installed in the cabin respectively locomotive  indicating where they are positioned and where they are transported to as individual units.

Of course, you receive updates and real time information via your railway provider, who knows where the train is. But often this information is only obtained with large delays (since they depend often on information provided by the Rail Infra Managers) and/or lack of accuracy.

This is even more the case when there are (many) border crossings (so multiple Infra Managers involved as well as that the total transport is realised by several Train Operating Companies / Traction providers). Especially when your wagons or wagon-groups are detached from a certain train composition and attached on another:  when being moved through the (national or European) rail network, they have here certain lay-over times at one or several rail yards. 

The risk of losing full control of your wagon positioning and possible consequences for deviation from the original Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA) start to become real. And then, we do not even discuss the higher uncertainty of during the transportation of the so-called “first and last mile”. Where at the end of the first-mile you at least get a status that your wagon(s) did make the train, and you get informed of the actual departure of the train, you are being even more in the blind on the last mile as soon as it gets detached from the last train. And you do not want to be informed by your customer  / the Consignee about the arrival of the wagon(s) or to be questioned where it is and if you know what the latest ETA will be. 

Besides above described situation of monitoring full moves – and subsequently also inform your customers plus being able to better manage the transportation and provide revision management towards the original transportation plan – it is also important to know where your empty wagons are. This for the ability to promise full transportation moves based on the specific availability of the required wagon (type), it also is eminent for decisions towards empty repositioning (optimisation), decisions towards wagon maintenance, (cargo/transport) security, calculating wagon rental amounts, controlling costs (e.g. mileage driven related costs, handling costs, as well as leasing costs (in case a wagon goes into/out of a lease, etcetera).

While transporting goods for your customers, your promise to deliver largely depends on your availability of your wagon fleet and punctuality of service deliveries (full and empty). But that is exactly most of the time your blind spot. Visabilty as well as ability to manage operational planning and revision management is hampered by lack of timely and accurate (wagon status and position) information.

Currently you are relatively blind on your wagon status (yes or no in-move, standing still, but where?) and delays. Can you imagine the impact if you can also predict, share information on plus perform better (revision) management on the ETA of every single wagon?

At the Transport Logistic event in Munich, June 4-7, the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and SCM, we will be showcasing our Everysens IoT Rail Freight solution: a combination of hardware IoT sensors, SaaS wagon visibility and management Software and deep rail industry knowledge creating transparency, control  & intelligence on your wagon fleet utilisation and Transport Management.

Trusted customers are ArcelorMittal, Saint-Gobain, Danone Waters, Borealis, Colas Rail and many more.

We are happy to give you a demonstration how Everysens can also help your company to improve your cargo / rail wagon transportation management, improve your fleet utilization levels, improve your promise to deliver and to reduce your operational costs.

Please let us know if you or a team member is interested in learning more about Everysens, at Munich or via an online meeting.

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