Our scalable, cost-effective SaaS asset management solution provides complete visibility of your mobile assets, wherever they are

  1. Visibility

    Get real-time status of mobile assets

  2. Insight

    Know where assets are, where they have been

  3. Action

    Create workflows and rules to optimize processes

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See it. Manage it. Secure it.

Everysens software is a SaaS “control tower” that provides real-time visibility of IoT-enabled mobile assets. Our software facilitates the automation of business processes associated with asset life cycles.
Knowing where your assets are and when they move allows you take control and streamline business operations.
Real-time visibility improves security and utilization of your assets.

Everysens Means Operational Efficiency

  • See it

    Dashboard delivers a centralized source of accurate per-asset utilization data, improving decision-making

    Geolocation provides real-time track and trace of mobile assets, helping to get assets to their destination faster

  • Manage it

    Workflow optimization enables compliance to regulations and service level agreements to be automated, with alerts to deviations from known rules and thresholds

    Business Rule engine enhances process flows with custom rules and processes created from sensor data, increasing productivity and accuracy

    Integration with TMS, WMS & ERP systems means entire business processes can be optimized, eliminating repetitive manual tasks

  • Secure it

    Automatically monitored asset location and route improves security, guarding against theft and unauthorized movement, reducing asset shrinkage

    Alert Management enables reporting thresholds to be created, ensuring important events are automatically escalated to appropriate personnel