Integration and connectivity: everything you need to know

March 8, 2024

Does Everysens connect to SAP? How do we integrate into your business? All the answers are here!

How does Everysens integrate into our workflows?

One of the first benefits of being an Everysens customer is having access to a dedicated integration team with knowledge of numerous use cases. They will be happy to advise you and support you throughout the integration.

How long does it take to deploy your solution?

Each customer case is unique. However, considering the history of our deployments in our sectors of activity, it is better to plan for a window of three months. Depending on the constraints that may exist at your place in terms of the availability of business experts, the constraints of your own IT roadmap, and competing business priorities, we will of course be flexible in terms of schedule. We are constantly working to improve the speed of deployment and the quality of our solution.

Are you connected to SAP?

Yes, most of our customers use SAP. As such, we collect orders (sales/purchases/stock transfers), deliveries (mainly outgoing) and/or transport. This transactional data is then re-planned and enriched by our AI assistant Ralf, before being sent to the various stakeholders involved in the rail transport chain. As the execution progresses, the statuses are communicated to SAP so that the two systems are synchronized in near real time. The specific business cases will depend on your own business processes and/or orientations.

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