RailTech Summit 2023

March 8, 2024

The RailTech Summit is the perfect opportunity to discuss rail freight innovations and discover the latest trends in rail freight transport.

On November 30, 2023, Everysens went on a journey through space!

Our guests enjoyed a unique experience, in an immersive place, among stars, planets and other celestial bodies.

This day, dedicated to innovation in rail freight in Europe, consisted of:

⭐ An afternoon rich in market and industry information

⭐ An exclusive evening of conferences, round tables on rail logistics, feedback and exclusive demonstrations

⭐ A memorable cocktail: networking, discussions and a buffet dinner accompanied by a Virtual Reality animation.



The RailTech Summit started with a series of workshops in the afternoon from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

It was an opportunity for our guests to exchange with the best professionals in the sector and our own AI and rail experts to analyze the most recent market challenges, emerging trends and innovative developments in the field of rail freight digitalization.

3 workshops were offered:

  • Carrier Track - Digitising The Rails: The Evolving Role of Carriers
  • Shipper Track - On The Right Track: Key KPIs for Optimal Rail Performance
  • General Track - Green Tracks Ahead: Strategies for Measuring CO2 in Rail Freight

A big thank you to our product team for leading these workshops masterfully! And to the participants for their commitment and the diversity of their ideas.


Building relationships with industrial shippers, transporters and logistics service providers from across the ecosystem: that was what made up our evening. An opportunity to learn, connect, and be inspired as we collectively shape the future of rail freight.

Our round table on rail freight in Europe, composed of Jean-Marc Viallatte (Arkema), Nathalie Debaisieux (Roquette) and Hervé Moulin (Renault Group), made it possible to highlight the rail freight digitalization projects of the largest European industries.

The presentation by Oetze Dusseljee (CRH Group) focused on its strategy for digitizing freight through insulated cars, and was illustrated by several use cases. A telling and inspiring example for many audience members.

Matthieu Leveque and Claire Nicodème (SNCF) presented us with their innovative UTRT project, in order to promote the use of freight railways in France and develop their uses.

It was also an opportunity for our CEO & Founder, Dr. Youness Lemrabet, to look back on our product innovations in 2023 and our ambitions for 2024.

Finally, we awarded 3 prizes to innovative companies acting for digitalization: Roquette (START award), TotalEnergies (SCALE award), and Arkema (GROW award). You can find the press release here.

2024 EDITION: Attend the RailTech Summit 2024!