How does the TVMS support the steel industry in building a sustainable supply chain?

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In the realm of sustainable industries, steel stands as a foundational pillar for driving the green transformation of economies worldwide. From the construction of rail tracks to the towering presence of wind turbines and the growth of electric cars, steel plays an omnipresent role. In this journey towards a greener future, efficient transportation of steel products emerges as a critical component.

Rail freight, often overlooked, emerges as a hero in the circular value chain of steel. Despite its numerous benefits, misconceptions still linger, hindering its full embrace. Let's delve into how the TVMS, Everysens' TMS with real-time visibility for rail transport, addresses these challenges and propels the steel industry towards a more sustainable future, aligned with scope 3 objectives.

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  • Learn how the TVMS is propelling the steel industry towards a more sustainable future through rail freight.

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