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ID Logistics & Danone Waters: pioneers in the digitization of railways in France

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In 2016, IDEO, a subsidiary of ID Logistics, supported its client Danone Waters in the creation of a rail hub. The group, which includes the Evian, Volvic, la Salvetat and Badoit brands, has indeed set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, in particular through increased use of rail.

The Everysens solution was selected to reinforce the performance of this mode of transport and thus support this ambition. Thanks to a complete visibility on the fleet and transports as well as reliable indicators, IDEO was able to optimize the rail for its customer Danone Waters.

Using the railways at Danone Waters: an obvious choice... not so obvious!

Danone Waters was looking for a logistics solution that would allow it to combine three types of constraints while maintaining a balance between cost and service:

  • market constraints: delivery times, order size, service rate
  • production constraints: hazards, visibility, rigidity
  • environmental constraints: CO2 emissions

ID Logistics has chosen to meet this challenge by combining logistical and digital innovations: building a private rail hub to manage flows from the Evian plant and connecting the entire fleet of wagons to improve rail deliveries.

For the environment, Danone Waters chooses the railway

In 2017, transportation accounted for 42% of the Evian brand's carbon footprint. As rail emits 10 times less carbon than road, the choice of rail to limit the environmental footprint of the food group seems obvious.

However, the Evian plant is facing major logistical constraints.

  • The plant is located in the heart of the Alps, at the end of a unique railroad line, shared with other users.
  • This plant does not have enough space to store a day's production. Many transports must be made to evacuate the production.

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Quotes from customers

One of Everysens' strengths is his team. The success of our collaboration depends a lot on the human qualities of the people we work with. Because of their ability to think differently, to iterate in short loops, and to fully understand the business issues we face, Everysens delivered a relevant and successful solution in record time.

Mickaël Dumas
IDEO, JV d'ID Logistics & Danone