Syngenta France is digitizing the logistics of its crops with the Everysens solution.

March 19, 2024

Syngenta, the world's leading seed and crop protection company, is strengthening its harvest logistics process with Everysens, a start-up specializing in the digitalization of transport flows.

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The aim of this partnership set up by the Parent Corn Seed Production branch is to make the harvesting campaign process more reliable while improving well-being at work.

Three key areas have been defined by the seed company:

  • geolocation of dumpsters and plots,
  • visibility on the status of dumpsters (full, empty, on route, etc.)
  • creation of transport orders.

With the Everysens solution, the teams know in real time the position of the dumpsters, which allows them to optimize the rotation of the collection trucks. The teams also have access to a complete traceability of the status of the skips and e-mail alerts are sent to them in case of anomaly. These two points are crucial to monitor the progress of the collection process and guarantee the quality process.

In addition, the data is accessible to all participants throughout the chain (harvester, carrier, subcontractor, etc.). This information sharing allows everyone to gain in productivity and serenity.

First deployed around Lombez (32) for corn parent seeds, the Everysens solution has proved its worth over a first harvest season. The Sunflower Parent Seeds production branch is now adapting the tool to its needs.

"With Everysens, we were also able to automate the creation of transport orders. From 5 minutes per transport order, we have gone to 30 seconds. We save more than 10 hours per week. The time saved, combined with peace of mind, allows us to concentrate on higher value-added missions, in particular the preparation and optimization of tours" explain Lisa Barcelo, Seed Engineer and François Flottes, Seed Manager for Maize Trials at Syngenta.