What is a TVMS?

March 8, 2024

Find out everything you need to know about TVMS, how it differs from TMS, and how it can benefit shippers.

What is a TVMS?

Everysens' TVMS (Transport Visibility & Management System) is a collaborative platform for managing transport visibility in real time for rail freight. It uses innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and GPS data from physical sensors to provide complete and accurate visibility of the supply chain.

The platform tracks the location and status of freight shipments at each stage of the supply chain, from departure to final delivery. TVMS improves the quality of service by quickly detecting potential incidents and offering solutions in real time.

The TVMS improves the quality of service by quickly detecting incidents and providing real-time solutions, thus ensuring efficient and reliable transport management.

What differentiates a TVMS from a TMS?

A TMS is a transport management system that uses technology to help businesses effectively develop strategies, implement, and improve freight transport, whether inbound or outbound. It also ensures compliance with regulations and provides access to necessary documents, such as waybills.

In addition to what a TMS offers, TVMS allows shippers, freight forwarders, and railway companies to access real-time field data. Operational teams receive alerts in real time, are immediately informed of incidents that occurred during transport and can provide end customers with increasingly accurate visibility on their deliveries.

With this real-time visibility, TVMS has strong similarities with the RTTVP (real-time transportation visibility platform).

In addition to the advantages of a TMS, TVMS offers access to field data in real time.

How can a TVMS be useful for shippers?

The use of a TVMS:

- Facilitates collaboration with partners by centralizing and simplifying exchanges: telephone calls and endless Excel sheets are replaced by a collaborative platform.

- Ensures an optimized quality of service by providing reliable and comprehensive data for transport execution: GPS location, geofencing administration, real-time fleet inventory and reliable ETAs for optimized service level agreements.

- Allows the automated optimization of transport plans. AI-driven algorithms refine transportation programs based on priorities such as costs, carbon footprint, or customer satisfaction.

- Automates the repetitive daily responsibilities of operational teams. Thanks to the digitization of transport contracts and the automatic creation of waybills, teams can finally devote more time to tasks with high added value.

- Facilitates the management of carbon impact in logistical decisions by optimizing loading, choosing the best route, comparing the carbon performance of service providers, monitoring progress towards environmental goals...

TVMS guarantees chargers a better collaboration, a bigger visibility, of automation and a better environmental performance.

In summary, TVMS offers shippers easier collaboration, optimized service quality, automated transport planning, streamlined operations, and simplified carbon impact management. These benefits improve the efficiency, visibility, and sustainability of the logistics process, which ultimately results in improved operations.

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