Is your car empty? Everysens also accompanies it on its trips!

March 8, 2024

Toutes les informations à savoir sur le tracking des wagons vides au sein de la plateforme Everysens.

Is it possible to track empty cars?

Yes. Our platform allows you to track both cars containing goods and empty cars.

Everysens follows the transport that the charger enters on the platform. The charger indicates departure and arrival dates, as well as departure, arrival and intermediate locations. It is thanks to this information and the presence of GPS sensors on the cars that Everysens tracks the cars. In addition, the shipper can enter the composition of the train, i.e. the number of cars and the parameters of the goods transported (or if it is empty, if applicable). Basically, the presence of goods or not is not a decisive criterion for tracking cars. Everysens places as much importance on tracking loaded cars as it does on empty cars.

How do you track empty cars?

Everysens tracks empty cars in the same way as loaded cars: thanks to the information communicated by the rail operators, and the GPS positions transmitted by the sensors present on the cars.

Within the platform, you are able to monitor the entire transport and are alerted in case of incidents. The cartographic representation of the tracking available on the platform allows you to know at a glance where your cars are — loaded, or empty.

Can I follow the arrival of an empty car at the production site?

Of course. Tracking an empty car on the production site is just as easy as tracking a loaded car.

Once the transport has been entered on the platform, Everysens monitors the empty car in real time in the same way as for a loaded car. If, once arrived at destination, this wagon is then filled with goods, it can also be followed for the rest of its transport, once this new transport has been entered into the platform.

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