WEBINAR - Moving into the future: A guide to digital transformation in rail freight transport

April 16, 2024

On the way to the future: a guide to the digital transformation of freight rail transport - How businesses are overcoming challenges and seizing the potential of innovation

In the world of rail freight, companies are facing the challenge of rethinking traditional approaches and opening up to the innovations of the digital age. This guide takes you through the stages of digital transformation, from the call for adventure to taking the sword of innovation. Based on a conversation between Pélagie Mepin-Koebel, Country Director for the DACH region, and Arjan Kerkhoff, Head of Sales at Everysens, we explore the ups and downs of this process. From skepticism to reward, from testing to decision making, discover how businesses can overcome the complexity of managing rail transport and successfully navigate the digital future.

This video is in German only.