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With 115 concrete plants and 33 aggregates sites, Eqiom is a major player in the construction materials industry. The company integrates sustainable development into the heart of its operations, particularly in its logistics, where rail plays a major role. Reducing its environmental impact and increasing its profitability means making the best use of transport resources.

To improve this logistical performance, Eqiom called on Everysens and its TVMS Rail solution(Transport & Visibility Management System). Everysens combines its expertise in AI and IoT to offer the first collaborative, predictive and real-time TMS on the rail market. This TVMS Rail is the solution to optimize and manage your rail transport from end to end.

As part of its digital transport innovation approach, Eqiom asked Everysens to implement this solution and thus digitalise 5 key logistics processes that we present here.

  1. Where is my wagon? Is it available?
  2. How do I track my deliveries?
  3. How do I size my fleet to my needs?
  4. How can I optimise my planning process?
  5. How can I automate my invoicing process?

Where is my wagon? Is it available?

Eqiom's operational teams could not locate their logistical equipment without physical verification in the field or telephone requests to the various service providers. This lack of visibility could create inefficiencies in the maintenance process and potential "dormant car" phenomena.

Thanks to the installation of autonomous GPS beacons, Eqiom can now visualise each wagon on the Everysens platform. This native integration of IoT allows a high granularity and reliability of information.

A real-time inventory allows logistics and operations teams to filter logistics resources: how many wagons of this type are available in this area at the moment? Are they full or empty? Are they being loaded? What quality of product was loaded during the previous loading? These types of questions are answered immediately.  

This increased visibility of wagons increases their use (no more lost wagons or wagons stuck in maintenance!), improves the productivity of logistics teams by facilitating their access to information, and ensures that the right wagon is always used for the right product, which is a guarantee of quality and safety for Eqiom.

How do I track my deliveries?

The silos of cement depots are supplied by train. Delays in upstream rail flows can therefore cause stock-outs, overflow to the road, and additional costs associated with waiting for operational teams at the unloading site.

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