Everysens launches the digital consignment note by QR code

March 19, 2024

After shaking up the rail freight industry with the digitization of the consignment note, Everysens continues its innovation by facilitating the creation of consignment notes directly on the ground. To add wagons to the consignment note, a simple QR code scan is now sufficient.

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The consignment note is a contractual document that formalizes the order of a transport order between a shipper and his railway companies, similar to the CMR, issued in road transport.

Whether it is a handwritten document or an Excel sheet, this document is usually time-consuming for operators. After having digitized the creation and validation of the consignment note, Everysens extends the optimization of this transport process.

By scanning a QR code on each wagon, the logistics coordinator automaticallyadds them to the document.

Amadou Sall, rail logistics coordinator at Eqiom, tested this new feature in preview.

He explains: "Today an operator writes down the train composition information on paper from the platform and sends it to the person in charge of creating the consignment note. Adding the wagons to the consignment note by QR code greatly simplifies the creation of the document, as it can now be composed directly on the ground. This removes the risk of data entry errors, and is a real time saver for us."

Click here to see a video of how the digital waybill works and how it is composed by QR code.

Jérôme Becamel, Rail & Shipping Manager at Eqiom, added: "What I like about the digital consignment note via QR code is that it makes collaboration between teams much smoother and increases the reliability of information. This then allows us to build statistics that we can confidently rely on for decision making."

Digitized, the consignment note automatically triggers the monitoring of transport on the Everysens platform, allowing manufacturers to obtain reliable ETAs and statistics on their transport performance .