Is rail freight a solution to decarbonize freight transport?

March 8, 2024

Sabrina Meksaoui, notre CRO, a échangé autour du thème du “Fret Ferroviaire - solution pour décarboner le transport de marchandises” et d’Everysens : la solution pour décarboner le fret ferroviaire.

During SITL 2023 - an unmissable event for Transport and Logistics markets - Sabrina Meksaoui, our CRO, discussed the theme of”Rail Freight - solution to decarbonize freight transport” and Everysens: the solution to decarbonize rail freight, on the InterLud column on Radio SupplyChain.

Everysens In a few words

Everysens is a start-up specialized in the digitalization of rail transport operations. The company employs 50 people and its objective is to decarbonize rail transport. Although rail is the most sustainable mode of transport, it is the least used for freight. Everysens has numerous customers in France and Europe who use its solution to improve the reliability, management, digitalization and quality of service of their rail transport operations.

How does the Everysens solution decarbonize rail freight?

The problems in the world of rail freight are reliability, management, digitalization and service quality! In addition, there are many inequalities between railway companies and this is a real problem for companies that want to use rail as a means of transport because there are no tools that allow these companies to plan in advance, to give a delivery date etc... Everysens is therefore there to facilitate companies that want to use the railway, by digitizing the entire ecosystem! This allows companies to have real-time data, to better manage their supply chain, to know all their flows and to know their exact cost. The choice of means of transport between the train and the truck is often based on the unreliability of the train, which is however more sustainable (pollutes 9 times less than the truck). Everysens is here to change that!

How does Everysens manage to collect data on the situation of the cars?

Data on the situation of the cars is collected using GPS sensors installed on the cars by rental companies, with a coverage rate of 70% to 90%. Railway users and companies can also provide expertise to obtain other types of data, as well as data from end customers. Everysens teams can access this data in real time and provide it to businesses.

To conclude, in order to have better decarbonization, it is essential that partners collaborate effectively. Everysens is a neutral partner between railway companies and those who want to use rail. This makes it possible to reduce inequalities between railway companies and to promote the transition to more sustainable solutions such as rail freight. Europe and France support and help railways to develop as part of their common objective of reducing CO2 emissions and promoting more sustainable transport solutions.

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