WEBINAR - Railways: a new logistical must-have?

October 22, 2021

In France, only 9% of goods are currently transported by rail. So organizational rigidity And cost structure are often put forward as explanations for this decline, in the face of road transport, its main competitor.

But what if railways emerged as a new logistical must-have for shippers?

The international logistics context (in particular the shortage of containers and drivers) is pushing shippers to integrate modal shift into their strategy. Rail freight then becomes an attractive transport option economically, operationally and environmentally.

Different points of view will fuel the debate, with the presence of:

  • Eqiom, a subsidiary of the CRH group

A major player in construction materials, the shipper integrates sustainable development into the heart of its logistical operations.

Eqiom will intervene on concrete modalities of modal shift, and its digital and ecological transformation initiatives.

  • FREIGHT 21, voluntary commitment program for shippers

Supported by ADEME, AUTF, and Eco CO2, the FRET21 system encourages shippers to better integrate the environmental impact of transport into their sustainable development strategy.

FRET21 will share best practices around the implementation of modal shift operations.

  • Norlink, federation ensuring the promotion of port and rail infrastructures in Hauts-de-France

An independent and neutral player at the service of its members, the Norlink Ferroviaire association builds projects to develop this mode of transport.

With nearly forty members from across the entire rail freight logistics chain in Hauts-de-France, Norlink has a 360° view of the opportunities of the rail mode.

  • Everysens, SaaS software publisher specialized in optimizing rail and multimodal flows

Everysens is developing a TMS specialized in predictive transport planning through the integration of real-time visibility into the heart of shippers' processes.

How can digital technology contribute to the operational excellence of railways? It is on this subject that Everysens will share its experience.

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